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Can I come on my own?2024-03-26T16:29:36+00:00

Yes, you’ll soon get to know anyone else on the trip and we make a big effort to ensure everyone feel welcome and comfortable from long before you even land at the FitXperience! What are you waiting for, get out of your comfort zone and open for new experiences and for new relations with like-minded people.

Can I participate if I have an existing injury?2024-03-26T16:28:49+00:00

The training on this the FitXperiences is intense and whilst minor niggles can be worked around, we don’t recommend this for anyone with injuries that can’t withstand strength and power training, running & sprints, striking, yoga or any other from of movement.

Cancellation Policy2024-04-23T10:46:27+00:00

We require 6 weeks (42 days) cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise the following charges will apply:

  • Between 6 – 5 weeks, 50% of the total amount
  • Between 5 – 4 weeks, 75% of the total amount
  • Within the last 4 weeks prior to arrival, a failure to communicate any cancelation or changes to your scheduled arrival: 100% of the total amount. As this FitXperience is a bespoke one-off trip, no refunds are available unless replacement can be found. This will be purely at our discretion.
Closest International Airport2024-03-26T16:29:40+00:00

The closest international airport for Portugal is Faro and for Thailand is Phuket. If you need any help on planning your trip, please feel free to reach out. Our travel experts will happily help you to find the best and most cost-efficient option for you.

Do I need vaccination, Covid Tests or Visa?2024-03-26T16:29:18+00:00

Vaccination: Please consult your GP or the latest advice for Thailand regarding vaccinations. For Portugal you do not need any vaccination.

COVID test: no need to provide any Covid tests.

Visa: Most of the countries are eligible for a 30-days Tourist Visa upon arrival at any of Thailand’s International Airports. We highly advise you to double check with the immigration services oif your country. As a European you do not need Visa for Portugal. Clients outside of the EU, please consult at the immigration services of your country.

Further Information2024-03-26T16:29:44+00:00

SIM Cards: you can buy a local sim card or use the eSIM option, which can be purchased online and activated in any countries. EU Citizens do not need anything in Portugal. You can use your home provider without any extra fee.

Cash vs. Card Payment: At all destinations you can pay in both ways, but it is always recommended to have some extra cash with you. Money exchange is possible for all the major currencies.

Passport: Please make sure your passport is in a good condition and has an expiry date longer than 6 months. EU Citizens do not need passport to enter Portugal, just an ID.

If you have any other doubts, please feel free to reach out!

How do I get from the Airport to the Location?2024-03-26T16:29:28+00:00

If you wish we can organize a transfer (for an additional charge) for you from the Airport to our location, and back.

How do I sign up?2024-03-26T16:22:01+00:00

Please click on the “Book” Button and it will lead you through the Booking process, where you choose the wished FitXperience, your Room Type and give us a few details about yourself. During this process you will pay the reservation fee, which is non-refundable. After this you will receive a confirmation and soon you will be contacted to set up your personalized pre FitXperience preparation plan.  Please note that until the Booking deadline the full payment has to be settled and after that there is no refund available unless a replacement can be found. This will be your own responsibility.

How fit do I need to be?2024-03-26T16:28:32+00:00

It is advised to have at least a basic fitness level and a declaration of a doctor, that you are fit to travel. Besides that, we will provide you a pre FitXperience preparation plan, so that you can fully embrace into the Intense training week on your FitXperience Fitness Holiday.

Is food included?2024-03-26T16:29:05+00:00

Please check the description of each FitXperience destination. But in general Breakfast and Lunch is included at the portugues locations, but dinner is open for your choice.

In Thailand the food is not included in the price as there is a wide variety of nutrition options available on the Fitness Street and near the beaches of Phuket. For this reason, we don’t include food in this package, leaving lots of room to sample lots of different things!

Just bear in mind you are on a FitXperience, meaning do not indulge way to much in the delicious Cuisine. At all destination we will go through some basic recommendations for healthy options and best places to eat!

Is there any discount for couples or friends sharing?2024-03-26T16:28:40+00:00

Yes, a 10% discount is available for those, who are willing to share a room.

Is this FitXpreience for me?2024-03-26T16:13:22+00:00

If you want to change your old habits and reach your goals, then this experience is prefect for you. We do not just focus on physical training, but we also work on the mindset and give you the fundamentals for long term success! The transformation happens in your daily habits! Don’t wait for the next Monday or next January. Start it today and start with a life changing experience.

Payment Information2024-04-23T10:51:28+00:00

The deposit (20% of the total amount) has to be paid at the reservation via the booking platform or within 7 days of the reservation request as bank transfer or PayPal. The deposit is non-refundable.

The rest of the payment has to be settled latest 6 weeks prior to the camp via Paypal or Bank Transfer, which the details will be provided.

Credit cards and bank transfers are only accepted before arrival. The payment method for extra services during the camp is cash only.

Travel & Arrival details2024-03-26T16:28:53+00:00

You must arrive on the given date latest by 5 pm as we will start with an introduction and orientation workshop.

Your time with us will end at midday on the last date. You can stay longer at your own cost, but there won’t be anymore planned activity together.

Should be any changes in the plan we will inform you beforehand.

What equipment do I need?2024-03-26T16:29:23+00:00

There is no specific kit list but you should have enough training outfit as you will sweat like never before. Make sure your sport wear is comfortable and you bring an appropriate sport shoes as well. Sport towels are highly recommended. For combat sport enthusiasts, you should also have your own gloves and wraps. Alternatively you can rent it or buy at at the local shopping mall. Just bear in mind that renting a gear can add up costly. No need to bring your own yoga mat.

Beside that we recommend you to bring ‘summer holiday’ clothing (and for Portugal some warmer clothing, as during the night it can be a little bit cooler). Don’t forget your bikinis, sun cream and your personal amenities or medication at home!

What happens after the FitXperience?2024-03-26T16:28:36+00:00

During the FitXperience fitness week we will set you up for long term success, with a customized training plan for the after period, which will help you to implement the newly established habits and lifestyle into your daily life. If you sign up for the 12 weeks after Package Program, then one of our coaches will provide you a online personal coaching. Following up and adjusting your training plan and helping you to successfully achieve your long term goals. Participants of the FitXperience Fitness holiday gets a 20% on the 12-weeks Personalized Training Program.

What happens before the FitXperience?2024-03-26T16:28:45+00:00

Once you have decided which FitXperience you will like to participate at, please make sure you have your flight and your insurance booked. You will be contacted personally by one of our coaches to get to know You and Your goals. After that you will fill out some questionnaires, which will help us to provide you a personalised pre-trainings plan. It is advised to follow the pre-plan.


What is not included in the FitXperience?2024-03-26T16:29:09+00:00

Fees don’t includes flights, scooter or car rental, fuel, leisure activities or personal expenses. Please make sure you take care of your own travel insurance.

In some locations it does not include food as there are so many options everyone likes to try so we leave it open to choice each meal! regarding food information, please check the description of each location or feel free to contact us directly.

What is the exact program on each FitXperience?2024-03-26T16:29:32+00:00

We will provide you the program plan 2 weeks before the FitXperience, so that you can plan and pack accordingly. Please bear in mind that we keep the right for changes due to weather or any other unforeseen conditions. Generally saying you will have each day 2 trainings or active programs, plus 1 workshop on different topic. Some days will be more intense some will be a bit lighter to enhance recovery.

What type of workouts will we do?2024-03-26T16:28:57+00:00

The main focus will depend on what type of FitXperience did you signed up. More Yoga Focused or more Fitness Conditioning Focused.

But in general we can say, that we will do a range of strength, power, conditioning, running, sprints, mobility and/or yoga indoors and outdoors.

Any other optional Activity can be added, based on the opportunities of the chosen location. For example: Hike or surf in Portugal.

In Thailand optionally we can add to the experience combat sport trainings like Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA.

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